Sunday, 1 September 2013

Rooney Mara For Calvin Klein

So Givenchy! Have you been sleeping on the job? Is your opportunity radar on the blink? You definitely are not 'on it' otherwise Rooney Mara would be advertising your fragrance rather than Calvin Klein's. 
Rooney Mara's gothic glamour wowed many during her promotion for The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo in 2011. She had 8 premiere's to prepare for. Scary! It was all about the darkness and the fringe! Why they have let Calvin Klein steal her is perplexing! Kudos to CK though who have needed edge for some time now.
Elle September

Enjoy this, it's kwl!

David Fincher who directed Rooney in The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo catches her personality brilliantly. Fincher you rock!
Life's a blur sometimes.
Talk about a glamorous oh the flossy, flossy location!
'Girl my body don't lie. I'm outta my mind. Let it rain over meeee!'
The Mona Lisa smile is a Mara signature pose. "Why should I fake smile? It feels disingenuous to me. I want to smile when something happy happens, so if I do smile, you know it's real".
Stunning silent movie vibes throughout.
This is why I'm not a big fan of CK. Minimal (interest) indeed.
Now let's check out our girl's 'smokin' hot fashion style.

Rooney Mara Style
No one else makes black look so interesting and dramatic.
Givenchy Goddess
These were wonderful clothes.
In an interview by Hamish Bowles for Vogue Magazine Steven Soderbergh said that "Mara has the X factor that you can't teach, that watchability that an actor needs".
Rooney Mara - Givenchy - Girl with the Dragon Tattoo - Tokyo premiere
Her stylist is friend Ryan Hastings
The fringe!
What's going on behind those eyes?
Boyish Balenciaga
Alexander McQueen suits her.
Michael Kors wow factor.
Miu Miu Midriff! Love it!
"I had a lot of anxiety growing up as I was so shy. I get to express a lot of things that maybe are hard for me to express in my normal life".
"I like to be alone a lot. I think part of the reason is I'm like a sponge. If I'm in a group, I get exhausted immediately picking up everyone's feelings."
With sister Kate.
A Clockwork Orange shot.
Vogue Vixen
Love the hairstyle in this one.

A sequel has still not started filming yet.
Casual classy.

Ain't Them Bodies Saints is a love story set in 70s Texas.
With The Gosling in a star-studded musical drama by Terrence Malick.
Ryan Gosling on set with Rooney Mara

She's truly 'limitless'.
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