Saturday, 28 September 2013


Do ya like a bit of Grimes? Partial to a little Charli XCX? Good then you should like Chvrches! They have a similar electropop flavour with cool sounds and brill vocals.
The Scottish trio who have just released their first album are one of the BBC's Sound of 2013 finalists.

Checkout debut single 'The Mother We Share'

Lauren Mayberry provides the stand out vocals to Iain Cook's and Martin Doherty's super synth sounds.
All 3 members have been in other bands but you can tell this is the one with the chemistry and sounds to do great things.
The v in Chvrches is to help you find the band on Google!
Lauren told NME magazine that her style icon is Winona Ryder "very understated and she's incredibly cool. Maybe she seems so stylish because she's very talented and great at what she does." That's certainly a deeper reason to be a role model than just being married to a rich footballer!

'Gun' is their most recent single.

Their next big tour starts in their home town Glasgow on October 10th. 
Playing many festivals and all over the world has made them already an accomplished live act who can get the crowd groovin'.

Lots of energy live. 'Lies'

'Bless us heavenly father as we are so good it's a sin!'

Their debut album is out now.
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