Monday, 12 November 2012

Dog Sweaters

At first we were not sure about this trend. Not so keen on ugly rottweilers you see, on jumpers or indeed in person! The constant photos on lookbook have worn us down though.
Jak & Jil London.

Balenciaga are into Alsatians whilst Givenchy's dog of choice is the Rottweiler.

Miroslav Duma's Balenciaga £1795 jacket.
The Givenchy sweater is from 2011 and Liv Tyler joined the trend early, wearing this last December.

Romwe's version has kept it in the mainstream this year.
Annachiara S.
Carolina B has a Topshop version.

'Pick' one of these up for £525.
Balenciaga Maille Intarsia Iconic Dog Sweater German Sheperd embroidered print sweater
"I have been chosen!"

18 years, 18 years. Got one of your dogs, got you for 18 years.

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