Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Velvet Skirts

Bernadette F's velvet skirt is a bit cool homies. Velvet is normally a trend that never really gets up speed. We think it's best as a skirt or top. Jackets and trousers are dodgy territory until they come up with a way to jazz up the fabric with a different texture or even a print.
Dominique N's American Apparel top is chic n'est ce pas?
Emi Coco's Chicnova skirt works well with the Litas.

Imogen D's velvet Jeffrey Campbells are hot.
Zoe S's cute bow and dress vibe.

Tess Lively's peekaboo skirt. Choies jumper.

Violet E has nailed it. Romwe leggings.

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  1. Such a freakin good post! Got inspired by some looks!


    1. Thanks so much Trudy! It's a growing trend especially on lookbook.nu Hope it takes off x