Tuesday, 13 November 2012


Miguel has come to join the smooth and seductive R&B party that The Weeknd and Frank Ocean started. 

Pictured here with long-term girlfriend Nazanin Mandi he's a sure-fire hit with the ladies.

His smash hit 'Adorn' quickly confirms this.

With talent like this, it's a shock that his first album slipped under the radar in 2010. His second album Kaleidoscopic Dream is now seeing Miguel get the attention he deserves.

His album charted on Billboard at number 3 and has already sold over 150,000 copies. He co-wrote 3 songs for Usher's Raymond v Raymond album and supported him on tour. If only all support acts were this good.

There is an intelligence, depth and style about this style of R&B which makes a refreshing change from the all out horniness and macho posturing in booty-slapping tunes.

With 'Do You..' he's checking your compatibility with himself.

In Wonderland magazine "I think the great part about R&B now is that individuality is starting to be celebrated again'

"There's a soul, there's a feeling behind it. It's progressive. It's not the same sound, not the same topics. People lost sight of individuality and R&B became so urban.."

On loving New York "Being a Lower East Side kid in skuzzy bars with random people drinking, ending up at random parties, having a good time, making stupid mistakes and laughing about it the next morning." 

'Girls Like You' has Miguel's rich, soulful, melodic vibe.  

Miguel's brilliant album is out now. Be seduced.

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