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Nicola Formichetti Nicopanda


Selection Council member Nicola Formichetti’s GIF - check out more from Moving the Still: A GIF Festival
He styles Gaga, he makes meat dresses, he discovered zombie boy and oh yeah his day job is wowing the world as Creative Director of Thierry Mugler.
He's Nicola Formichetti!
In the mood  (at TriBeCa)
In 10 years he's gone from being a Junior Fashion Editor for Dazed & Confused to one of the world's most loved and influential designers. His Nicopanda range is a fun mix of high fashion meeting Hello Kitty style .
@ikedahirari in @nicopandastore photo by Eisuke negishi
Nicola's first store opening in NYC last year was an immediate success and he has since opened a further 7 stores in Asia. London will have a store next year and so will Brazil.
Hirari @ikedahirari wearing new Nicopanda collection @nicopandastore #coolestgirlintokyo

Nicola being born in Tokyo and living there until aged 10 gives his Nicopanda range a genuine depth and personality that ties in with Hello Kitty's continuing world domination and the popularity of Japan's cute Kawaii subculture. 

Nicola Formichetti
Born to a Japanese mother and Italian father Nicola is now a citizen of the world, forever switching between New York, Japan  and Europe. This was the cute Hello Kitty/Nicopanda collab.

The cartoon aspect is similar to Jeremy Scott who shares the same fun attitude to fashion.

Lots of accessories as well as clothes to enjoy.

Chetti bag /Nicopanda @nicopandastore
Want that panda chair!

Nico's dogs/babies Bambi and Tank make adorable models.
@tanknbambi eating my nicopanda art in matching @nicopandastore outfit #cute

Nico's Dazed & Confused December Issue
@dazedmagazine #15OCT #AcidPanda #NicoPanda #fantAsia
Nico is guest editor for Dazed & Confused December issue which is a tribute to him and Asia's popping culture. Grab a copy, there is so much to enjoy in this issue.

He describes singer Kyary Pamyu Pamyu as 'Japan's Gaga'
Kawaii overload!


Kyary for Dazed and Confused magazine - styled by Nicola Formichetti

Her song 'PonPonPon' has had over 38m hits.

Kyary colourful fashion is inspired by artists such as Gaga, Katy Perry and Gwen Stefani.
This is a dress by Chloma.

Actress and model Angelababy is also featured in the Fantasia issue.

Panda tattoos sharpay style. 

Love this pic of Eva Pinkland in the street style feature.

Nico's Zombie Boy

Nicola watched Rico Gest's Youtube videos, flew to Canada to meet him and then promptly put him on his Thierry Mugler catwalk.

Rico's seriously kwl.

Rico Genest Doll


@tanknbambi safe with daddy  (at New York City)
Nico's already working on some fashion designs for brother and sister Bambi and Tank.
Safe at home

Nico's twitter
Dazed Magazine twitter

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  1. AH he's awesome! love how cute the clothes are, and Kyary Pamyu Pamyu's shoes and socks in the first picture are perfect, love her cutesy style! x

    1. Kyary is from Harajuku, Tokyo. Really want to go there sometime. Union jack creepers are wkd xx