Sunday, 18 November 2012

Creepers and Underground Shoes

Wulfrun Wedge Fuschia Suede/Leopard Print
From soldiers based in North Africa after WW2 to Teddy boys in the 50s, to Malcolm McLaren and Vivienne Westwood in the 70s, to punks in the 80s, to grungers in the 90s, to goths and rockers in the noughties and kwl peeps in 2012, creepers have been a must have.
Rihanna is a massive fan.
Rita Ora Roc's the life in hers.
Although lots of subcultures are into creepers it's grunge that leads the way in styling this trend.

Lua P takes it to another level.

Bebe Zeva's triple denim.

Bernadette F. Cleopatra comin' atcha!
Tiger style.
OASAP creepers.

Our Current Favourites
Double sole leopard £109
Wulfrun Double Sole Leopard Print
Union Jack £110
Wulfrun Triple Sole Union Jack
Black suede/white polka £89
Wulfrun Single Sole Black Suede/White Polka

Fuchsia Leopard £115
Wulfrun Wedge Fuschia Suede/Leopard Print
Tan Leopard £119
Wulfrun Wedge Tan Leopard Print
Wedge boot £125
Wulfrun Wedge Boot Black Suede
Para black leather £155
 Para Black Leather
Blitz boot £95
Blitz Boot Black Leather
X issue collaboration £182
Underground  X  Izzue Collaboration
Double the spike fun.
Underground  X  Izzue Collaboration

Camden Market is where it's at.

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  1. They look sooooo good on all the girls you have shown, but they just don't suit me!!! :(

    1. Frustrating! Your whole image, hair and outfit have to match the creepers vibe. That's a lot of workx

  2. I have a black and lilac pair of these, I love the Union Jack ones! x

    1. Love how Rihanna rocks these. Very tempted to get tickets for her new tour. Shine bright like a diamond! xx

    2. Oh I know! I love the orange fluorescent paint drips, never seen them on creepers before x

  3. Love all the shoes in the post - nice blog as well :)