Thursday, 22 November 2012

Jake Bugg

He's the super skilled guitarist and singing 18 year old with a Number 1 album already in the bag. His song Lightning Bolt was played at the Olympics for Usain Bolt. His music is a catchy blend of Folk/Rock. He's feted by all and compared to Bob Dylan. He's Jake Bugg!

Here's 'Lightning Bolt'

A talented songwriter, his lyrics have real depth and give good flavour to his growing up in Nottingham. Tales of gangters and violence give a gritty feel to some of his songs.

At Cochella.
Jake love's smoking weed so much he made a recent Nme journalist join in before he would answer any questions.
"Smoke weed every dayyyyyy!"

'Taste It' is another favourite.

His music sounds fresh as it's eclectic and varied in it's influences. Hints of Oasis, Artic Monkeys, The Las and a 60s vibe.

Next we'd like to present you with 'Two Fingers'.

We were so lucky to see him live last December at a small gig. He's incredible, the voice, the guitar playing and the atmosphere all fantastic. The slow songs were as brilliant as the rockier tunes.
Catch him later this year on tour.

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  1. The pic where Jake is smoking......Phwoarrrrrrrr!

  2. Plus hearin' him jam really is a treat

    1. For sure, Not sure about the electric guitar as much though.